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If You have claimed less rooms than your Global Control Level (GCL)You can claim another one.

Simple overview how to claim new room

To claim new room You need to do 6(7) things:

  • send a creep with CLAIM body part to an un-owned room
  • have said creep successfully perform .claimController() action
  • put construction site of Spawn
  • bring builders from already-owned rooms
  • build Spawn
  • keep Controller from Downgrade and loosing Room Control Level (RCL)

Optional (quite often required)

  • Defend new room from Invaders / other Players

Things to think about

Before considering claiming a new Room:

Claiming new room comes with some cost:

  • Spawn Time required to spawn builders
  • Energy cost of builders
  • possible initial energy load of builder (if You're not sending them early)
  • possible need of sending combat creeps to defend new room
  • CPU cost of multiple creeps going on multi-room voyage

This boils down to is my empire able to afford expansion:

  • do i have enough CPU
  • do I have a room that can support setting up a new room

If You're short on CPU (i.e on Shard3) or would need to disable some parts of Your bot to claim a new room it should be well thought before.

Same for when Your rooms are attacked or energy-starved.

Things to consider when picking new Room

If Your empire is healthy then You need to find suitable room to claim, and this are some things to consider while picking room:

  • how far/close i want the new room to be from my base
  • does new room have 2 sources (1 source rooms tend to develop slower)
  • how many potential remotes are available, how many sources they have (the more the better)
  • what mineral does new room should have (in general it's best to pick room with mineral You don't have, early on it's good to have an O or H for basic Boosts, focusing X early is not always best choice)
  • does new room has other players around
    • are they aggressive
    • do they have Remote Mining Rooms close/overlapping with Your room
  • what's the purpose of the room
    • access to PowerBanks or Deposits
    • access to highway in general
    • control of area