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Requirements[edit | edit source]

If you have claimed fewer rooms than your Global Control Level (GCL) allows, you can claim another one.

Simple overview of how to claim a new room[edit | edit source]

To claim a new room, you need to do 6(7) things:

  • send a creep with at least one CLAIM body part to an unowned room
  • have this creep successfully perform the .claimController() action
  • place a spawn construction site
  • bring builders from at least one of the rooms you already own
  • build the spawn
  • keep the controller from downgrading and losing a Room Control Level (RCL)

Optional (quite often required)

  • Defend the new room from invaders / other Players

Things to think about[edit | edit source]

Before considering claiming a new room:[edit | edit source]

Claiming a new room comes with some cost:

  • spawn time required to spawn builders
  • energy cost of builders
  • possible initial energy load of builder (if you're not sending them empty)
  • possible need of sending combat creeps to defend new room
  • CPU cost of multiple creeps going on multi-room voyage
  • CPU cost of some extra creeps building new room
  • fully developed rooms require more CPU

Which can be summed up as:

  • Do you have enough CPU?
  • Do you have a room that can support setting up a new room?

If you're short on CPU (i.e. on shard3) or would need to disable some parts of your code to claim a new room it should be well thought before.

The same applies to the situation when your rooms are attacked or energy-starved.

Things to consider when picking new Room[edit | edit source]

If your empire is healthy, then you need to find a suitable room to claim. These are some things to consider while picking:

  • How close/far should the new room be from my base?
  • Does the new room have 2 sources? (1 source rooms usually develop more slowly)
  • How many potential remotes are available? How many sources do they have (the more the better)?
  • Which mineral should the new room have (In general it's best to pick a room with a mineral you don't have yet. In the beginning it's good to have O or H for basic boosts, focusing on X early on is not always the best choice.)
  • Does the new room have other players around?
    • Are they aggressive?
    • Do they have Remote Mining Rooms close to / overlapping with your room?
    • Will they want to expand towards you / your new room?
  • What's the purpose of the room?
First-time expansion[edit | edit source]

If you have just started the game (or did not expand yet), this is a special situation that adds another 3 questions:

  • Do you have code organized in a way that can run multiple rooms?
  • In case of a bug or an error in one room, can you still run your other rooms without crashing your code?
  • Is your code ready for edge cases that might come with the new room?

Strategies of claiming a new room[edit | edit source]

  • Refilling spawn builders by harvesting sources in the new room
  • Spawning big spawn builders that carry a lot of energy to the new room
  • Spawning small spawn builders that swarm neighbouring rooms' sources for energy
  • Sending big hauler creeps to provide energy to build the spawn
  • Protecting the spawn construction site with rampart(s) or walls
  • Protecting the controller from .attackController() actions of other players using rampart(s)/wall(s)
  • Creating a path with between your owned Room and the new room and storing it for later use by creeps to save CPU

After claiming the new room[edit | edit source]

In theory, you should already have code that can support this room on its own, but you can still help it develop by

  • sending big hauler creeps with energy (and recycling them for more energy)
  • sending big upgrading / mining / building creeps and renewing them, to provide the room with creeps that would not be available to it because of its lack of extensions
  • ensuring its protection with combat creeps sent from more developed rooms