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These online resources are very valuable, especially to new players.

Discord[edit | edit source]

  • Join the Screeps Discord - Find official announcements, seasons, events, technical support, and discussions within the active Screeps player community.

Documentation[edit | edit source]

Screeps World[edit | edit source]

  • Screeps API - Reference manual describing game objects, methods and prototypes.
  • Screeps Docs - Documentation for game mechanics, gameplay, configuration, and other topics.
  • Lodash v3.10.1 - Documentation for the Lodash version available in Screeps.
  • Great Filters - Reference that describes development approaches in Screeps.

Screeps Arena[edit | edit source]

  • Screeps Arena API - Reference manual for Screeps Arena describing game objects and functions.

Screeps on YouTube[edit | edit source]

  • Screeps Official - From the Screeps dev team, Attack Rank videos and Featured content.
  • th_pion - Screeps nooby guide series.
  • Marvin - Screeps tutorials, event coverage, and Screeps analysis videos.
  • V1kingScreeps - Screeps analysis and speedrun videos.

League of Automated Nations[edit | edit source]

LOAN for short. This site provides an alliance registry, alliance maps, player rankings and more.

Private Server Launchers[edit | edit source]

Custom Launchers[edit | edit source]

These are the community preferred solutions for hosting a private server.

Official Launcher[edit | edit source]

  • GUI Launcher: This launcher comes with the standard version of Screeps World on Steam. It provides a GUI for managing the server, viewing server logs, and a CLI interface to control the server.
  • Console Launcher: Allows launching the server from a command line without the GUI. Prerequisites include Node 10, Python 2, and developer build tools

Screeps Clients[edit | edit source]

Steamless client runs your copy of Screeps in the browser and works with private servers on macOS, Linux and Windows.

Screeps Mods[edit | edit source]

These mods are commonly installed on Screeps Private Servers.

Code Profilers[edit | edit source]

Grafana[edit | edit source]

Building Planners[edit | edit source]

Creep Body Calculators[edit | edit source]

Power Creep Planner[edit | edit source]

Open Source Libraries[edit | edit source]

Other Useful Scripts[edit | edit source]

Screeps API[edit | edit source]

TypeScript Types[edit | edit source]

Starter Kits[edit | edit source]

Screeps World[edit | edit source]

Screeps Arena[edit | edit source]