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We are a community run website with no legal entity behind it. We don't make money- we have nothing to sell, including your private data.

We reserve the right to use website analytics sites, such as Google Analytics. If you do not approve of this we suggest you use an adblocker, as it will block it not only on this site but on any other site you visit.

We ask for your email during account creation. This is used to reduce website spam and to facilitate site functionality such as user directed notifications and account resets.

We reserve the right to send out group messages (which may come in the form of an email), although this will be reserved for truly noteworthy events (such as if this site were ever to be hacked).

At no point will we release or sell your email addresses or other private data to third parties unless required to do so by law (in response to a court order or to report a crime).

Your use of this site means you accept these terms. They are subject to change, with your continued usage of the site meaning you consent to the new policy.