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One incredible approach to "problem solving" (or Manifestation Miracle overcoming challenges) is something known as "zero-based thinking". The method of zero-based thinking is powerful because it allows you to be still momentarily, take a step back, and look at your challenge objectively, as though you were an outsider looking in. Then you ask this very simple question: "Is there anything that I am doing now, knowing what I now know, that I wouldn't get into again if I was starting today?" See if zero-based thinking helps as you work to overcome your challenges.Step number four should be to identify some solutions to your challenge. Ask yourself (on paper), "What are possible solutions?" Write out as many solutions to the challenge as possible before continuing.

When I am setting goals, I write out the easy ones, set down my list, take a quick break, and then come back to the task and really concentrate on the harder goals. The same rule applies here. If finding a solution to your challenges was easy, you wouldn't be reading this article. So why would we think that the first solution we come up with is the best solution? The quantity of possible solutions determines the quality of the right solution.Step number five is to make a decision! This is the most important step, but please don't get caught up in making the exact right decision. A wise man once told me "over-analysis builds paralysis". Usually any decision is better than none.

These last two steps are optional (more or less). If you are a manager you need to ensure that you assign clear responsibility for carrying out the decision (Step six). No decision would be completed if there were not expectations for completion. Set a deadline for completion with the person you have selected to carryout the decision. A decision without a deadline is just a futile discussion.Finally, step number seven is following-up. To ensure proper completion of the process you must monitor the decision made, and compare tangible results with expected results. If you did not achieve satisfactory results to the challenge, then generate new solutions and new courses of action.