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Official World

This world is managed by the screeps dev and is currently the largest world running.

  • Subscriptions can be purchased from the website or from Steam itself. Subscriptions are lifetime. The amount of CPU you get with a subscription is based on your GCL and no amount of money can change it.
  • CPU Unlocks can be purchased from the website, Steam or via the in-game Market. One unlock is 24-hours of 'unlocked' CPU, this means you can use up-to your maximum already gained CPU (20 base + 10 per GCL level up to a maximum of 300, see docs) as allowed by the Shard's limit (For example, Shard3 has a 20 CPU limit, even if unlocked, you can not use more than 20CPU on that shard)

Seasonal World

The Seasonal World is a ~Two-Month temporary server managed by the Screep's dev team. It is intended to be a fresh-start world that only lasts for a given time, and has its own twists and rules apart from the normal MMO. Access to the seasonal world as of writing is by paying AccessKeys to gain entry, and as of Season One, the number of access keys required to enter the season decreases as the season continues.

Private Servers

Anyone can create their own world using private servers, and several have opened them to the public. As of this time none charge money, but they due tend to be significantly smaller.