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== By Gecko ==
== By Gecko ==
IP: screeps.gamingcubed.com<br>
IP: screeps.gamingcubed.com<br>
Port: 21025<br>
== By Alkhemeia ==
IP: screeps.alkhemeia.de<br>
Port: 21025<br>
Port: 21025<br>

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Public Servers[edit]

List maintained by DeathTech


These servers are private modded servers by users not the developers.
As such none of these represent the final product (Main Official Server)
It is advised to check in with these server owners regarding their servers if issues do arrise.

If one of these is not working please contact DeathTech on slack.


All the following data is collected from memory or the screeps post regarding public private servers.
Servers marked as "P" are only sometimes available.
Servers marked as "S" may have special conditions that you need to sort out with the owner.

Screepting.TK Dedicated Server[edit]

Host: screepting.tk
Port: 21025
Mods: screepsmod-auth
Website: http://www.screepting.tk

By ags131 Marks: P[edit]

Host: screeps.ags131.ovh
Port: 21025
Mods: screepsmod-auth, online client, other custom mods for history support etc
Client URL: https://screeps.ags131.ovh/a

By Coteyr[edit]

Host: games.coteyr.net
Port: 21050
Pass: letmein

Currently Down Pending technical fixes in new versions.

By ch1l[edit]

Host: ch1lgames.com
port: 21025

By Draaven[edit]

Port: 21025


Host: screeps.charliehb1.com
Port: (assumed default) 21025

By ToxicGrease[edit]

Port: 21025

By HeyItsPaul[edit]

Finally back up! Currently running on a Raspberry Pi!

Host: ihs.uk.to
Port: 21025

By Gecko[edit]

IP: screeps.gamingcubed.com
Port: 21025

By Alkhemeia[edit]

IP: screeps.alkhemeia.de
Port: 21025