Creep body setup strategies

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Because of the wide variety of combinations of creep parts, it is sometimes difficult to figure out how to build creeps that are effective. There are several strategies and tips on building hardworking creeps.

MOVE parts

Using the right number of MOVE parts is important. If you use too many, your creep will be more expensive than necessary. If you use too few, the creep will move very slowly.

If you have roads, you don't need as many MOVE parts. Roads speed creep movement by a factor of 2, meaning only half as many MOVE parts are required. Roads are especially important in swamps, which are 5 times slower than plain land and 10 times slower than roads. However, the roads must be maintained, so a few players decide not to keep up roads.

CARRY parts

CARRY parts do not generate fatigue if they are empty. Boosted CARRY parts do not generate extra fatigue, so boosted transport creeps require much fewer MOVE parts for the amount they can carry.


The order of the creep's body parts makes a difference: The ones listed first take damage first. For this reason, TOUGH parts should almost always appear at the beginning of the creep's parts list. HEAL parts should usually be near the end, so that if the creep is nearly destroyed, it may have a chance to heal itself.