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This article is a stub. You can help Screeps Wiki by editing to add more information. Beyond the official MMO, Seasonal Worlds and your own private server. There are also public community servers and events that members of the community run and maintain.

Permeant or Semi-permeant Servers[edit | edit source]

These servers run either continuously or on a 'seasonal' basis

Screeps Plus (S+)[edit | edit source]

Event Based Servers[edit | edit source]

These servers are spun up and run for pre-determined sets of time for events/set times of play, they tend to have more focused goals.

Screep's Warefare Championship (SWC)[edit | edit source]

A server focused primarily on the War side of screeps with high-level play.

Bot-Arena (BA)[edit | edit source]

A server focused on fully-autonomous play, users are not allowed to make changes to their bot mid session and must let their script (bot) play for itself.