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This article is a stub. You can help Screeps Wiki by editing to add more information. This is a list of some of the most common problems people come across while playing the game. silently fails

There is probably a creep standing on the construction site. This is intended behavior; however, the fact that there is no error code for this is a known bug.

Why are all my creeps one role?

If you have made some new changes to you code and you suddenly find that all your creeps are the same role, likely when assigning, searching or checking the new role somewhere a = is suppose to be a == for example if your running logic for a creep if(creep.memory.role = 'roleName') Will set every creep run, to the role name, instead of comparing.

How can I tell what my creep/tombstone/container is storing?

You can use Object.keys() on the object's store property to retrieve the keys that are active, then check the amounts by looping though the keys and its store.

Why is store.getXXX() returning Null?

If you do not provide a RESOURCE_* (Where * is a resource) constant to the method, and it is a non-generalized store it will return null. A generalized store (Terminal, storage) will return the 'total' regardless, but most other objects will not.

What is using all my CPU!?

You can use before and after various parts of your code to determine how much CPU a certain snippet uses.

Why is pathfinder pathing though my spawn/extension/tower?

By default, pathfinder only uses terrain. You need to provide a roomCallback with a costMatrix with the buildings/objects you wish to avoid set.

Why is my pathfinder path not working with moveByPath and/or not what I want?

There are a few common issues that can happen when using pathfinder if not set correctly.

  • If your object is on a terrain wall (Source/Controller/ect) or otherwise 'not possible' for a creep to stand on, you need to provide a range for the goal object. Elsewise, it will not be able to find the object as an 'end goal' as walls are not path able by default. (see API doc)
  • If you are passing the whole return from to moveByPath, then it will not recognize it as a path. You need to use the path property of the returned object, which is the 'path'
  • If the path is not what you thought it 'should' be, check the incompelete property of the returned object, if true, then the path could not be found. It is possible for some reasons mentioned here for that to occur, or it simply ran out of ops before it could find the path. the maxOps by default is 2000, however you can set this higher if need be. It is important to note, EVEN with an incomplete of true, you will still get a path of whatever was last 'found/tried' which will likely not be correct.
  • If you are storing the path in Memory to use later on, you will probably find that moveByPath will return an error. This is because when an object is stored to memory, it is JSON.stringified() into a string, saved, then next tick on first memory call JSON.parsed() into an object again. However, this object is now 'new' and is not a roomPosition even though it still contains, x,y, and roomName. moveByPath() accepts an array of roomPositions not of this new object, as such you need to reconstrue each obj in the array back to a roomPosition, or use another method to encode it.

Why can't I dismantle this InvaderCore!?

Invader cores are alien, Invader technology, as such careful and effective dismantling by a creep is ineffectual as they do not know how it is put together. However, it is still quite possible to bluntly attack and destroy it.

(code reason: It doesn't have an entry in the CONSTRUCTION_COST constant, as such calling dismantle() will return before any damage is done)

Why is getObjectByID() not returning an Object?

If your object is in a room you do not have vision on, then you will not be able to fetch the object.

Why is my game object in memory not working/updating?

Storing a live-game object in memory makes it 'stale', and not reference the original. This is because when an object is stored to Memory it is JSON.stringified() for storage, and next tick on first Memory call, JSON.parsed() into a new object, losing all reference to its live counterpart. It is recommended you instead store its ID so you can retrive it when necessary using Game.getObjectByID()

Why is my creep not using exclusively roads with moveTo?

While roads are 'preferred' when set with the cost-matrix for the default moveTo, they are not 'only' considered. It is quite possible for steps off the road to be taken, you may want to consider using path-caching or other methods such as a custom costMatrix to make them take the path you desire.

Why is creep.transfer() returning an error when targeting my controller?

Likely, your creep does not have any WORK parts, the proper method in upgrading a controller is upgradeController which is called by default when using transfer() and the target is a controller. See the: API doc.

Why is my spawn not generating any more energy, shouldn't it generate to 300?

A spawn will only generate energy when the total room energy is <300, check extensions (even if not owned by you) to see if there is energy there.

Why does findClosestByRange & Path not working?

If your object is outside the room, is a common issue. findClosest only works for in-room objects, you have to code your own solution for out-of-room objects. findClosestByPath can also fail to 'find' or detect an object if a path can not be found/fails to be found.

Why is console.log() returning [Object, object]?

When printing Objects to console such as creeps, rooms, memory, ect, console will output [Object,object] if you wish to view it as a simplified string you can use JSON.stringify() on the object to print it out as a plain string.

Why can't I remove/delete ruins?

Ruins are remains of old buildings from other users. They can not be removed or deleted except by a nuke (which deletes all creeps/constructionSites and ruins from a room on-landing). They do not block creep movement however and resources contained within them can be withdrawn by creeps.

Why isn't RESOURCES_ALL working to withdraw/transfer from this container/tombstone/creep?

The methods withdraw() and transfer() ONLY accept 1 RESOURCE_* (where * is a resource) constant at a time, you can not pass it an array of them, or more than one. You can retrieve active resources in an object by looping over RESOURCES_ALL and checking for amounts contained within, or simply by getting the keys from the object's store with Object.keys() and then selecting one to use.

Why is spawnCreep() giving me ERR_INVALID_ARGS as a return?

This is commonly because the body of the creep is not configured properly. It needs to be only array containing only body part constants and/or their respective strings. If you pass it an array, containing arrays of parts, it will not work. For example: If you have a 'set' of parts you want to use such as [MOVE,WORK] and push them to a final 'array' finalBody.push([MOVE,WORK]) then the result is an array, containing arrays, which can not be used by spawnCreep [[WORK,MOVE],[WORK,MOVE]] . When configuring your body, it is best to push every part into one array, concat these various arrays, flatten the array, or whatever method you wish to have only one array at the end.

Why won't my controller upgrade when its over its required progress total?

This normally happens when there is an active downgrade timer, your downgrade timer count 'increases' as a controller is upgraded with energy similar to the controller's progress. Each level has a different downgrade timer, and the timer must be 'full' in-order for a controller to upgrade. see the CONTROLLER_DOWNGRADE constant on the API for details per RCL.

Why wont my moveTo() / other creep methods work on the result of room.find()?

room.find() returns an array of objects, while most methods (with a few exceptions) accept only one target. You need to choose one target from the array.

Why won't RangeMassAttack() work on this Road/Wall/Container?

rangedMassAttack() does not damage any structure that does not have an owner. This includes roads, walls & containers as they do not have direct ownership, while things such as ramparts, towers and spawns do.

Why do I get an error when trying to access a reserved room and/or objects in a reserved room?

Reservation of a room does not mean ownership of its controller, as such, the controller itself does not grant vision in the room, meaning attempts to access the room object or objects in the room will fail if there are no creeps, owned objects, observer or tombstones to provide vision in the room.

How can I stop my creep from blinking between rooms when attempting to move to a room?

An exit-tile will cause a creep that is on it at-ticks-end to be instant transported to the adjoining exit tile in the next room at the start of next tick. If the creep remains on this exit tile during the next tick, it will be transported back again. This is commonly caused when using logic that moves to a room by 'roomName'. On entering the room, the creep beings logic for the room (finding sources, controller, locking target, ect.) however, if a move action is not called that tick, the creep will blink back to the previous room, and if there is no vision in the room, any found objects, targets, ect will not be valid. Similarly, if the logic is set up in a way to 'only' run when in room, the creep will 'always' bounce back and forth as if it doesn't exit the exit tile, it will be 'trapped'.

Some different ways to counter-act this:

  • Call on your logic to move as-soon-as your detected in room (EX: Your in room, you lock your target/find your target, move to it asap in code not next tick).
  • Use a roomPosition as a target, and only begin your in-room logic once you have moved 'in range' (away from exit tiles) of the desired position
  • Use roomPositions as a target, in context of your goal for the room. (EX: You want to harvest a source, use a roomPosition that is adj to the source as a target for the move)
  • Step off the exit tile into the room as soon as you enter (not guaranteed 'best position' but do-able)

These are by no means the 'only' solutions, as always, find what works best for you and your bot.