Claming new room

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If You have claimed less rooms than your Global Control Level (GCL)You can claim another one.

To do so You need to do 6(7) things: - send a creep with CLAIM body part to an un-owned room - have said creep successfully perform .claimController() action - put construction site of Spawn - bring builders from already-owned rooms - build Spawn - keep Controller from Downgrade and loosing Room Control Level (RCL) - optional - Defend new room from Invaders / ther Players

Things to consider before considering claiming a new room: - do i have enough CPU - do I have a room that can support setting up a new room

If both answers are true, then there is another set of things to consider regarding choosing of a room: - how far/close i want the new room to be from my base - does new room have 2 sources ? 1 source rooms tend to develop slower - how many potential remotes are available, how many sources they have - what mineral does new room should have - does new room has other (aggressive) players around - does new room can overlap some other player Remote Mining Rooms in future ?