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Official World[edit | edit source]

This world is managed and run by the screeps devs and is currently the largest world running with a total of 4 shards.

Default Subscription Model[edit | edit source]

With the default subscription model every player gets a basic amount of CPU (20 at the time of writing), and can unlock 10 more per GCL, up to a maximum (300 currently) by using CPU Unlocks, for 24 hours per unlock used, or by purchasing a lifetime subscription. This subscription model applies to shards 0, 1 and 2.

20 CPU Model[edit | edit source]

On shard 3 every player gets the same limit of 20 CPU. It is meant as an even playing ground for new players and veterans alike, regardless of subscription status.

Purchase Methods[edit | edit source]

Special Notes / Implications[edit | edit source]

  • Due to the nature the game the total amount of CPU available to a player is accounted for across shards, meaning that if a player wants to be present on more than one, they'll have to decide how to split their maximum of 300 (if subscribed) or 20 (if unsubscribed). Limits of shards still apply.
  • As CPU translates 1:1 into processing power required on a hardware level, inactive players regularly need to be taken out of the equation by setting them inactive. This means that by default players who havent been active (logged in within the last 30 days) will have their scripts stopped to save on server resources. This does, however, only apply to unsubscribed players, meaning that subscription can also be used to keep your scripts running.

Seasonal World[edit | edit source]

The Seasonal World is a ~Two-Month temporary server managed by the Screeps dev team. It is intended to be a fresh-start world that only lasts for a given time, and has its own twists and rules apart from the normal MMO. Access to the seasonal world as of writing is by paying AccessKeys to gain entry, and as of Season One, the number of access keys required to enter the season decreases as the season continues.
There is no distinction between subscribed and unsubscribed players on seasonal, and none of the MMO statuses carry over to it. This means that, once the participation fee has been paid, everyone has the same amount of CPU (100 at the time of writing). Likewise, there is no timeout for inactive players.

Private Servers[edit | edit source]

Anyone can create their own world using private servers, and several have opened them to the public. As of this time none of them charge money, but due to it they tend to be significantly smaller.