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The Seasonal World is a special event server set up by Screeps. It costs Access Keys to gain entry to play and lasts for a set period of time using the enter screen. Modifiers and new mechanics are expected for seasons, such as modifying constants or new resources.

Season #1[edit | edit source]

Season one has been announced to begin December 1st 2020 and last for two months until Febuary 1st 2021. This season sees players starting off at GCL level one & GPL level zero with a CPU Limit of 100, spawning in a completely empty world. The twist comes with new resource items spawning periodically on the map in random places, that players will need to collect and bank in new structures spawned in highway rooms to increase their score. These structures will be behind large constructed walls which will need to be removed first before a creep can access the structure. Rewards have been announced for the top 100 scoring players.

The season is set to begin with a pre-tick spawn period of somewhere around one-to-two weeks, allowing players time to get ready to start. It has been stated that a mod for community servers is also being developed to allow for anyone to preform live tests on the new mechanics and is currently slated, as of writing, for when ticks on the Seasonal World begin.

Season #2 - Symbols & Decoders[edit | edit source]

Season two's concept has been announced to begin shortly after the conclusion of Season 1. This season sees players starting off the same as last season (GCL 1 and GPL 0) with CPU not having been announced at-time-of writing Spawning in an empty world. The mechanic this time is new resources with 'symbols' will spawn around the map and must be brought to 'symbol containers' in rooms with a controller that match the symbol of the resource. The higher RCL (Room Control level) of the room, will increase the amount of score a player gets when depositing into it. This season is also being designed in-mind for co-operation between players, though not strictly enforced. At time of writing, this is the concept, but nothing is written in stone yet.