Remote Harvesting

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Remote harvesting is a strategy used by many players to harvest more energy than is available in the rooms they own. It involves sending creeps into a nearby room, either an unowned room or a Source Keeper room, and harvesting the energy from those rooms and bringing it back.


There are multiple obstacles with remote mining. These include gaining vision to the room, making sure your code supports multiple room pathing, hauling resources back from the remove rooms, the threat of [invaders], and the logistics of reserving the room.


Source Keeper Rooms[edit]

Each 10x10 sector of the map contains 8 source keeper rooms in a ring around the center. These rooms have no controller, so they cannot be owned. However, they contain 3 sources each, and each source contains a maximum of 4000 energy rather than 3000. This makes them a good source of energy. They also contain a mineral, just like other rooms, with an extractor already built on top that allows for harvesting.

However, these rooms are guarded by non-player Source Keepers, which will attack creeps that try to harvest the sources. In addition, non-player Invaders will appear in greater numbers with increased frequency and strength. Extra precautions must be taken to ensure the safety of your harvesters.