Private server installation on Digital Ocean

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Create the Droplet[edit]

First create a Droplet running Ubuntu 16.04, then either SSH into the server or use the terminal from Digital Ocean's website. Next, enter the following commands step by step:

  • `apt update`
  • `apt upgrade`

Screeps needs python

  • `apt install python`
  • `apt install python`

nodejs is not installed on Ubuntu by default, and we want the new version so we need to add a new source before we install it because Ubuntu’s version is outdated This installs 8.x, see to grab sources for other versions

The weak npm package, which is what my install was choking on, needs make apparently, which isn’t installed by default

  • `apt install make `

Update: 11/12/2018

After experiencing errors installing screeps as a global package, a solution was found here:

We are only using sudo here so we can add --unsafe perm Weak (actually, node-gyp rebuild) couldn’t get a lock on a folder it needed to access without it More info at --loglevel verbose so we can watch and make sure it doesn’t fail

  • cd to a directory that’s empty that screeps init stuff can be stored, probably...
  • `cd ~`
  • `npm install screeps -g --loglevel verbose --unsafe-perm`
  • `screeps init` (will need to give this your Steam Web API Key, see )
  • `screeps start`

Test connecting to your server using your server's IP (see Digital Ocean for that) and the default port. If that works, kill your server with ctrl+c and run it perpetually in the background using...

  • `nohup screeps start &`

And you're good!

If you want to kill the server while it runs in the background, run...

  • `killall -9 node`