Private server installation on AWS EC2 Instance

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Setup Amazon Web Services EC2 with Node JS[edit]

Follow this guide to install Node 6.5.0:

Open Ports 21025 – 21028 in AWS Console[edit]

  • Go to the "Network & Security" -> Security Group settings in the left hand navigation
  • Find the Security Group that your instance is using
  • Click on Inbound Rules
  • Use the drop down and add Custom TCP Rule (port 21025 - 21028)
  • Click Apply and enjoy

Resize your instance:[edit]

A m3.medium EC2 instance (1 CPU's and 4GB RAM) or a c4.large (2 CPU's and 4GB RAM) runs the game quickly, while t2.micro was noticeably sluggish. It should be noted that any of the t2 family will run at 20% of normal speed once they run out of "cpu credits", so it is advisable to avoid using them.

  • Using AWS Management Console:
  • Right-Click on the instance
  • Wait...
  • Instance Management > Change Instance Type

Start Screeps Server[edit]

In an SSH command window, run the following:

sudo su
npm install -g screeps
screeps init
nohup screeps start &

You will be prompted for your Steam Web API key, you can obtain it on this page.

Restarting the Server[edit]

If you need to restart your server for some reason, or the process ends, simply re-run the start command:

sudo nohup screeps start &


That's it! Close your SSH connection and exit your terminal. You can now connect to your EC2 instance's IP address @ port 21025 using a Steam client.