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Minerals are part of the basic resource types, along with energy and highway deposit resources. They are also used in the production of boosts.

Mineral Harvesting[edit | edit source]

Minerals can be harvested in any rooms with a mineral and an accompanying extractor present. In rooms with a controller both the controller itself and the extractor need to be owned by yourself to be able to harvest. In rooms without a controller (Center and Source Keeper Rooms) anyone can harvest the minerals.
Depending on circumstances players may choose different harvesting strategies.

Boost Production[edit | edit source]

Minerals can be used to produce boosts in labs, which can be used to improve creeps' parts' efficiency. In general players choose to place their labs close to each other, as their reactions requires the target lab to be within range 2 of both source labs. Placing them effectively lets the player only use the minimum of 2 labs and use the rest (up to 8) for the same reaction, improving lab throughput.