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A GCL Temple or simply, temple room, is a room a user dedicates to gaining Global Control Level (GCL) points by pumping as much energy as possible into a controller as fast as possible then uncalming the room and repeating the process. This is done to increase GCL and therfor increase the amount of rooms a user can claim, or to simply increase their ranking on the leaderboards for that month.

Auto-GCL Temples[edit | edit source]

Automating a GCL temple is simply enough, you first need a seed room where the main creeps will come from then a source of alot of energy (be it market, or mining) and then a system to reset the claim on the room. Boosting is also commonly done to increase the amount of points per energy spent using Catalyzed Ghodium Acid. You can get energy into the room with local miners or haulers from the seed room at first, then when you hit RCL 6, build a terminal and draw more energy into it.

Some things to consider are:

  • The number of roomPositions in range of the controller that you can use for upgrading
  • The distance from your seed room
  • Boosting / unboosting to save on resources.
  • Steady flow of energy in when you need it.